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Barefoot Maui Sandals
WHAT is Better than Barefoot?

Want to be a step ahead of everyone else? Put your best foot forward in Skeeter's Barefoot Maui Sandals. Whether you are planning a beach wedding, a winter getaway to some warm tropical island, or just like to look good in bare feet, you will love these foot gems. Wear them at the pool, around the house, even with sandals. These handcrafted, beaded and crocheted sandals will give your feet either a casual or an elegant look - whichever you prefer. For the best in jewelry for your feet, step into the world of Skeeter's Barefoot Maui Sandals.

Welcome to my place on the internet. I have been making Barefoot Maui Sandals since the 1970s. I sold them in my beauty shop in the Seattle area. Since then I have been making and selling them at craft shows across the US. I have been selling them on the internet since 1996, along with all my other crafts.

Barefoot Foot Thongs for Pretty Feet
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Tater Baking Bag, a handcrafted bag, designed to bake potatoes in the microwave. This simple bag creates a "JUST RIGHT" baked potato in your microwave. The inside of the potato is well done, yet moist, while the skin remains tender. The bag will cook from 1 to 3 potatoes at once.

Tater Baker Bags for Cooking Potatoes in the Microwave
Tater Baker Bags

What's New in Tater Baker Bags

I have always made crafty things, always trying something new. I have some magic wallet money keepers that I am working on now.

Magic Wallet Money Keepers Keeps Money Securely
Money Keeper Magic Wallets

The Lucky Pennies are great addition to greeting cards, something for the bride, a new baby or just because. They come in a large assortment of colors. Get your Lucky Penny today!
Lucky Penny Gift Idea for New Babies, Brides or Enclose in Greeting Cards
Lucky Pennies

I love to crochet, but also do plastic canvas and other crafts. I will be adding new crafts all the time. I have always loved to shop for fabric, so I will have many new designs and new fabrics to show you. Be sure to check back often.

I love selling things on Ebay.
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Barefoot Sandal hollyberrys

Please read this blog,Pat and Jen's blog, it is my granddaughter and her husband's journey, fighting cancer. Please share with all your friends. They have a new baby and a 4 year old. Jen has added a donation button, if you feel you can help this young couple, no donation is too small. Also if you are so inclined, please Pray for them.

Barefoot Sandal Foot Prints

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Barefoot Sandal Foot Prints
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Barefoot Sandal Foot Prints

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Barefoot Sandal Foot Prints
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I have set up Paypal cart on the Sandal Photos and Ordering page for ordering the Barefoot Maui Sandals and to see the bead colors.

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Tater Baker Bags for Cooking Potatoes in the Microwave
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Barefoot Sandal Foot Prints

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